The Composer, Producer, Arranger and Guitar Player


Shamril Salleh, or better known as Sham Kamikaze, is no stranger to fans of local music. The respected guitarist who founded Kamikaze is not just an artiste but also a music producer, composer, arranger and guitar sessionist.


Sham Kamikaze is well established as Malaysia’s top guitarist. Born in 1976 into a musical family, he was exposed to many kinds of musical genres from a very early age. He began learning guitar at age 12 and was playing in bands by age 14.


As a young guitarist, Kamikaze continually honed his skills and backed major artists in and beyond Malaysia for many years; he also took a teaching position at the Guitar Institute of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur. He formed Kamikaze in 1999 and recorded three albums – Kontroversi, Inspirasi and 3.


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