I REFER to the report: “I am not joining any political party, says Perlis ex-mufti” (The Star, June 27).


I find it remarkable that the former Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin is prepared to stand by truth and facts and not to be limited by party, race or religion.


In substance, his statement expresses the universal values inherent in all religions that any form of prejudice should not stand in the way of truth.


We find that prejudices erect all sorts of barriers and distort our judgment of others and often direct us to act in uncharitable ways. It is a cause of great injustice to many inhabitants and nations, and leads to bloodshed and misery involving millions of innocent lives.

Prejudices make us flatter ourselves and to despise others, and puts a false belief in us. It contradicts the principles of love and charity by replacing these values with discord, strife and hatred based on national, racial, religious, social or political reasons.

It is sad that most political and even religious leaders sometimes think in narrow terms and misguide people in order to maintain a cause no matter how it injures others or the nation itself. People tend to support someone because of their association with the person rather than for truth or justice.

We are prepared to condone injustice and suffering because it happens to people who are not our kind. All these are in direct opposition to spiritual laws of all religions.

If we, just like Dr Asri, do our small part to set aside our prejudices and act in fairness and interest of the common good of mankind, the world would be a more peaceful and happier place for all.

George Town.

source : The Star Online